Another dimension to COVID-19…Asymptomatic cases not infectious


    Francis Achi

    Was there a need for lockdown in the first place?

    Could this be the reason many black or African Americans trooped out massively in their thousands in the protests against the tragic killing of George Floyd some days ago?

    Now 14 days have passed since the first day of the protest in the United States and I have not heard or read that the number of positive cases of COVID-19 have increased in the cities where the protests took place.

    I have not heard or read that my African Americans and other people that joined the protests are now suffering from COVID-19.

    I was scared when I saw the thousands of peoole matching in the protests across the United States and some other countries. There were no social distancing in the real sense, but I think my fears are gone now with the discovering that asymptomatic cases are not infectious.

    Thousands of people joined George Floyd’s protest

    This new information came from WHO.

    I was trained to ask questions and there are still some questions that WHO and other relevant health agencies in the combat against COVID-19 are yet to give answers to.

    Get this fact into your brain please and that is, COVID-19 as a deadly virus is real, not fake.

    However, some information flow about COVID-19 does not make sense to my simple knowledge of biology or health science.

    My brain does not get it that an asthmatic person should wear face mask everywhere he goes in the name of fighting COVID-19, but they said wearing face masks would prevent the spread of the disease, so wear face mask and i wear mine too, despite all the discomforts wearing the face masks gives, that also negates my simple knowledge of biology and health science.

    The truth is, there was no need for LOCKDOWN. They sold fear and panic into the air and almost all the countries of the world lockdown and their economies SHUTDOWN.

    I will not blame Nigeria government for the lockdown or shutdown. Personally I lockdown/ shutdown my family a week before Nigeria government shutdown Abuja and Lagos. Prevention is better than cure my people.

    I praise the bold steps Nigeria government took in easing the lockdown and the gradual opening of the economy. Millions or billions of naira have been lost already, but it was all in the process to prevent COVID-19 from spreading rapidly in the country.

    I hope more positive information will come out from WHO regarding COVID-19 pandemic in the coming days and weeks, as we look forward to normalcy returning to the world.

    Let’s continue to wash or sanitize our hands regularly. Wear the face masks with wisdom and observe social distancing (I admit that social distancing is very difficult to observe ), but let’s keep trying to maintain all the safety protocols against COVID-19.

    Note this very well, COVID-19 is real. I know someone who is currently being quarantined or in isolation, as he receives treatment and I pray he and his family will come out with good news in Jesus name, amen.

    So, please don’t lose your GUARD in your daily endeavours. We shall testify to the goodness and mercies of God. We shall see the end of this COVID-19 pandemic by the grace of God.

    We shall testify.


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