Bosso, Obuh thumbs up 👍👍Sports Minister, Dare for his rare kindness to Eboigbe, others


Ehis Ehigie, Benin

Two known football coaches in Nigeria, Ladan Bosso and John Obuh have praised the kind efforts of Honourable Minister of Sports, Sunday Dare towards the families of late Rashidi Yekini, Samuel Okwaraji and bedridden Sunday Eboigbe, former Super Eagles defender, totorinews reports exclusively.

Eboigbe receives cash gift from Mr. Ogunjimi, representative of tMinister of Sports

Bosso, a former Flying Eagles coach and presently the President of Nigeria Football Coaches Association ( NFCA), said that Hon. Dare is a rare gem of a leader, whose benevolence to these families at this trying time of hardship is worthy of emulation.

Mrs Okwaraji, mother of late Sam Okwaraji

“Honestly, the Minister has done really well to remember the mother of late Rashidi Yekini, mother of late Samuel Okwaraji with some food stuffs and to place these mothers, who are also widows on a monthly financial upkeep,” Bosso told totorinews exclusively.

Late Yekini’s mother

“This is a rare display of kindness, which simply shows that the minister has strong empathy for people. Sunday Eboigbe has been suffering stroke for the past 12 years, but the Minister has lifted his spirit that he is loved and not forgotten, he said.

Ladan Bosso

In the same vein, John Obuh, former coach of the Golden Eaglets said that Hon. Dare is redefining leadership in public service with what he has done in recent weeks.

Re defining leadership, Sunday Dare

“What the Minister has done can be described as honourable acts of kindness from a very good heart. To remember the families of the fallen heroes of Nigeria football is very commendable,” Obuh said.

John Obuh

“I am very sure that Sunday Eboigbe did not expect it, but the Minister gave him a pleasant surprise with the cash gifts and other things he gave him few days ago. I cannot thank him enough. He did well and that is the leadership that Nigerians crave for in every sphere in the country,” he added.


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