Can Medication And Insulin Cure Type 2 Diabetes?


One question that bugs the mind of most diabetic patients is the role of drugs and insulin in the treatment of their diabetic conditions.

This question is very important in view of many diabetics who would have had their diabetes cured, but have not, because of their heavy reliance on drugs and insulin. Most of them are completely ignorant of the role of medication and insulin, since they see some changes in their sugar level, and assume all is well. Can drugs and insulin cure Type 2 diabetes? This is the discourse in this edition of Larger Than Life.

Some of them had to discontinue some drugs they were using, and they said the therapy helped them a lot.

The truth is that as you begin to take medications, the sugar level begins to drop a bit. But over time, the effect of the medication starts wearing off. You are given more and more medications. It gets to a time that whatever drug you take up to six months it will work at reducing the blood sugar level, but wears off after six months.

The aftermath of this is that the sugar will slowly but steadily go up. You will then be advised to go for second and third medications to continue to force down the sugar level. Next is insulin and more units of insulin. The sugar level may go up or down, but the diabetes will be getting worse and complicated.

Another truth is that the blood sugar level and diabetes are not the same. The real disease is insulin resistance, which is getting worse as you take more and more medications and insulin.

For instance when you have infection, the symptoms may be fever, but fever is not the disease. If you use analgesics, the fever may subside, but it does not imply that the infection is cured. You probably need antibiotics to treat the infection. High blood sugar is the symptom of diabetes mellitus, not the disease. The disease is high insulin resistance.

Studies indicate and endocrinologists are aware that the sugar control does not solve diabetic complications from coming. They will still come whatever the range of the blood sugar level, whether high or low. Fatty liver can still occur, the kidney can still get damaged requiring dialysis or transplant, and the pancreas can still pack up. Similarly, the beta cells can still be starved of glucose and result in cancer. The eyes, legs and brain can still be affected leading to memory loss or dementias.

The good news is that Diabetes Mellitus is curable. You can ultimately get rid of the drugs and insulin and be well if the protocols are followed. It is lack of understanding of the disease that makes it a progressive, incurable disease, because we know it can be cured. It is the mode of treatment that is aggravating it. We have uncountable evidence that it is curable.

At a point in my life, I was diabetic, on medication and insulin, but today I use no insulin and medication and I have reversed diabetes. The same story goes for my numerous clients in various parts of Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Some of them were diabetic for decades. Let us continue from here next Monday…

Dr. Issac Ayodele

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