Exposed : Nigeria’s Gospel musician, Frank Edwards and First Fruit Offering


Friday Reign, Abraka

The story of Frank Edwards from obscurity to sublimity in gospel music in Nigeria and the world cannot be completed without mentioning how he conquered the spiritual stumbling block of poverty troubling his lineage, totorinews reports.

Frank Ugochukwu Edwards, popularly called Richboy, was actually born into a family firmly rooted in poverty from generation to generation. He was born in Enugu into a struggling family of seven. 

Frank, who had always wanted to be a pilot, hawked in the streets of Enugu with his mum. According to gospel musician, his mum will hawk to a direction while he, takes another direction, so as to cover more grounds and perhaps have enough sales to keep them from hunger. 

Frank’s love for music started when he heard Pastor Chris Oyakhilome sang. He from that moment began playing musical instruments and it was in 2008 that he released his album, the first among many others to come.

In a programme organized by Christ Embassy tagged “Night of Bliss”, Frank had attended the programme with a motorcycle, only to see his album been sold in the programme. After the programme, he was told they sold over 100,000 copies of his album and handed him 1million naira cash. Frank almost fainted, he had not seen such money before in his life.

He dashed home and released the goodnews to his mum, but mama gave him the most shocking news of his life, “Transfer the money back to the church, it’s your first fruit.” She firmly  instructed her son.  Frank could not believe his ears but he had to obey.

Today, Frank is extremely wealthy and one of the highly successful gospel singers in the world. He has blessed the world with his gospel songs and millions of hands have been raised up in reverence to Jehovah God in praise and worship whenever his fingers touches the keyboard and his melodious voice echoes from the microphone. 

He is part of the Presidential band of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who gave him the platform to minister for the first time in the ministry’s December 31st Night Service some years ago.

His mansion is full of awards and he has changed the narrative of gospel music by collaborating with Don Moen to release songs. Okaka, You Too Dey Bless Me, Oghene Doh, Under The Canopy are some of his songs that have become anthems among Christians and churches all over the world.

There is no doubt that he is highly gifted in music, just like many other young and talented musicians out there, but the grace to obey the teaching on first fruit offering opened the flood gate of heaven that flushed out poverty and ushered in financial prosperity into his lineage forever.

You may be born into a very poor family, but when you  enter a convenant with God and you are obedient to the biblical principles, poverty will definitely flee from your lineage. FRANK EDWARDS, take a bow!


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