How a Nigerian Man vomited bullet after he was shot on the head


Johnson Sokari

Call it a divine intervention, miracle encounter or a miraculous escape from the jaws of death, a Nigerian man that was shot in the head last year, carried the bullet in his head for months before vomiting it out last Sunday.

Sunny Karibo was shot  by unknown gunmen within his neighbourhood, closed to his residence at Alamieseigha road , Opolo in Bayelsa state last year where he was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre  in Yenogoa, but the doctors could not remove the bullet.

The vomited bullet

He was later transferred to Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital as medical personnels continued to try to save his life and remove the bullet that was in his head.

Unfortunately, the same result of failing to remove the bullet in his head repeated itself at NDU Teaching Hospital, although the medical doctors successfully stopped the bleeding and treated the wound. 

Sunny Karibo

What remained was to remove the bullet still in his head. Therefore the medical surgeons scheduled another operation for him, but he was given some  months before this can be conducted in order for the wound to heal properly due to the sensitivity of where the bullet hit him.

But in a miraculous twist of fate,  Kingsley Karibo, his brother informed via his facebook page that Sunny while on his way to visit a friend within his neighbourhood on Sunday morning of February 2,  suddenly he felt something moving around his throat when he got to the same spot where he was shot by the unknown gunmen last year.

Sunny immediately after the attack

He vomited. Low and behold, it was the bullet that he vomited though his mouth. He was completely relieved of the pain and the scheduled operation will no longer hold, rather just a medical checkup was done on him.


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