National Sports Festival Fallouts: Ogun state athletes thrown out of hostel. ….Athletes and officials seen loitering the streets of Abuja


It was sorrow, tears and blood. Men and women mourning their ordeal after another major scandal broke out in ‘Team Ogun’ camp, one day after the 19th National sports festival ended in the federal capital territory, Abuja.

Are you in the FCT and you really want to catch a glimpse of frustration and dejection? Then look no further than the camp of team Ogun. They came like paupers and will return like beggers. They struggled to feed all through their 11 days stay in Abuja.

The rickety team bus that brought them to Abuja has since packed up after a near fatal accident, yet the athletes gave their all to bring pride and honour to a state they love so passionately.

Damaged by accident
On Monday morning they woke up to yet another shocker as officials at the hostel where the team was camped, ejected them from the facility without a formal warning.
The damaged part

With bags on their heads, they have littered the streets of Abuja begging for help. They are so helpless in pain. They have looked to the South where their flamboyant governor Ibikunle Amusun had to call off a state function to honour them on departure with peanuts. They struggled to eat and drink in camp but they endured the suffering till the very end and amassed a total of 64 medals comprising of 8 gold, 15 silver and 41 bronze medals, to finish 12 on the overall medals table.

This is a feat worthy of celebration but instead, what they are getting is humiliation and frustration.

The tears have not stopped coming down, everyone is in a state of confusion not knowing where to go.

The old rickety bus of Team Ogun state
In a few weeks, it will be election time in the state and these youths, will be called upon by heartless politicians to vote for leaders who have never shown them love.
The internally displaced athletes of Ogun state
What a world! The odd world of Ogun state.


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