NLO mourns Ogunjobi, says death an irreparable loss

The board of Nationwide League One (NLO) has expressed great sadness and deep shock over the death of Taiwo Ogunjobi, the chairman of Osun state football association, describing the death as an irreparable loss to the football family in Nigeria.
Speaking to, Mohammed Alkali, the chairman of NLO said that the death of the astutue football administrator came as a rude shock, noting that  his wealth of experience in the administration of the round leather game will be terribly missed in the country, especially in the grassroot football, where he helped in the smooth administration of some clubs participating in the third tier of the Nigeria league.
“It was a news that shocked me to the marrow and we in the NLO mourns the painful passage of Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi and we pray that Almighty Allah will forgive him his sins. His death is an irreparable loss that has created a big vaccum in the administration of football in Nigeria.” Alkali said.
“We all know how important he was to the development of grassroot football in Osun state , the south west and the enfire country and his death as this point in time in our football really saddens me and the entire board of the NLO,” he added.
Speaking also on the sad demise of the former General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) as it was called then, Olushola Ogunnowo said the football family is devastated over the death of a very good man, sadly, good people hardly live long in this wicked world.
“Football family is very pained with the death of Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi. He was a good man, who embraced both the young and the old within Nigeria football with the sole aim to move Nigeria football forward. It is very painful that good people like Chief Ogunjobi did not really live long before death came calling on Monday. Very sad.” Ogunnowo said.
Chief Ogunjobi waved bye the world on Monday at the age of 65 years.


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