Worried by the rate at which our youth get involved in cult related issue,substance Abuse,sexual gender based violence and other vices and which has left some of them imprisoned and others either being killed or maimed by their rival groups as well as its attendant consequencies in our society.

The Inspector GeneraL of Police IGP Mohammed Abubakar Adamu  came up with a planned programme of action in line with his firm believe of community policing  tagged POLICE CAMPAIGN AGAINST CULTISM AND OTHER VICES(POCACOV) aimed at saving our youth from the claws of cultism and other vices and thereby making our environment safe and secure.

This intervention further became necessary in view of some observation bothering on some artisans involvement such as Drivers, Mechanics, Mason, Tricycle and okada riders, bus conductor, traders  amongst others and of course, some female and political class involvement and with these development, security challenges become increasingly alarming since cultism has been identified as the mother of all crime.

Indeed, the Police campaign Against cultism and other vices (POCACOV) took its centre stage as designed by the Inspector General of police and in line with the community oriented policing tenets  to interface with different stakeholders towards raising their conciousness and awareness and galvanizing their support towards reducing the menace and incidences of cultism and other vices in our society. 

This also means that the Inspector General of police IGP Mohammed Abubakar Adamu was right that sheer brute force and core law enforcement approaches are not enough to combat cases of cultism and that the community needs to be mobilized and engaged as stipulated in the stakeholders mapping of community oriented policing which requires that issues are to be identified, analysed, prioritized before communities are engaged for a safe and secured environment. 

It was also the view of the Inspector General of police that  borne out of his thinking outside the box that freshness or fresh idea needed to be injected from the ways Nigeria Police Force have been combating Cultism with a view to securing the support of the community.

It is worthy of note that the police campaign Against Cultism and other vices(POCACOV)was built in four thematic areas such as Sensitizing members of the public on the dangers of belonging to secret cult,Re-Awakening the security conciousness of members of the public,Inculcating moral  values  in our youths and re-awaken that of the adults.

Educating Relevant stakeholders such as traditional rulers, town unions Presidents, political class, youth leaders, market union and leaders, parents and caregivers, student and student leaders amongst others with the message content as SAY NO TO CULTISM AND OTHER VICES AND BE A CHAMPION.

Today, the programme since after its National Flag off by the Inspector General of police IGP Mohammed Abubakar in Enugu on 29th August, 2019 as ably supported by the Nigeria Policing programme (NPP) is now gathering momentum, gaining ground and achieving the desired goal and objectives as many of our youths, school children, stake holders/members of the public through community oriented policing approaches have been sensitized and re-oriented  through POCACOV various intervention prorammes like VISIT ALL COMMUNITIES,VISIT ALL SCHOOLS, VISIT ALL MARKETS AND SQUARES, VISIT ALL CHURCHES/MOSQUE AND OTHER WORSHIPPING CENTRES TOWN HALL MEETING SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS AS WELL AS PUBLICATION OF POCACOV BOOKS AND LEAFLETS, CAPS AND T SHIRTS AND THE USE OF THE NEW MEDIA AND CONVENTIONAL MEDIA AND JINGLES.

CSP Ebere Amaraizu, National Coordinator of POCACOV

The programme brought about the inuaguration of the NYSC POCACOV community development service (NYSC POCACOV CDS) by the Inspector General of police to help drive the message of pocacov to all the nooks and cranies of our country and also worthy of note is the inauguration of POCACOV Ambassadors drawn from broad spectrum of NOLLY WOOD ACTORS/ACTRESS and Artiste with clean records to drive the message of pocacov as influencers using their platforms.

The programme after its presentation in far away Peoples Republic of China during the just concluded 2019 anti terrorism capacity building workshop for Nigeria Police officers held at guandong police college by the ministry of public security was equally embraced by the chinese police because of its community driven and proactive policing elements anchored on community policing tenets.

The Inspector General of Police IGP Mohammed Abubakar Adamu has made sure that all the Police Public Relations Officers were sensitized as drivers of the programme in all the states of the federation through a sensitization seminar on POCACOV nationwide implementation held in abuja as supported by the Nigeria Policing Programme (NPP) and importantly the domicilling of POCACOV in all police commands in line with the Inspector General of Police resolve towards stamping out cultism with an officer not below the rank of Superintendent of Police heading this all important intervention programme being Nationally coordinated by CSP Ebere Amaraizu.

There is also the Inspector General of Police Pocacov Resource centre located in Enugu inside state police headquarters where he started Pocacov in 2015 as the then commissioner of police. The Resource centre is headed by the National Coordinator Pocacov and it is a centre for interface,availability of pocacov reference materials for researches to impact on the society as well as development of campaign strategies and modules on the areas of Juvenile Crime Prevention, parental and caregivers roles amongst others,the centre will constantly work to strenghten the tie between the police and its publics for improved police stakeholders engagement programme. 

Indeed, it is also on record that through the support of Nigeria Policing Programme(NPP) that POCACOV recently and successfully hosted its first ever one million march against cultism and other vices with the theme COAL CITY ARISE, SAY NO TO CULTISM AND OTHER VICES AND BE A CHAMPION which attracted the attendance of broad spectrum of relevant stakeholders including all youth based bodies and Artisans, Chief Chika Okpala popularly known as ZB, Nkem Owoh popularly known as OSUOFIA.

There is also a directive of the inspector general of police for the pocacov one million march to be replicated in all the states to help deepen the campaign and raise the awareness on cultism and other vices and for the youth to know the inherent dangers of cultism and other vices and refrain from it to be a champion.

Interestingly, Police campaign against cultism and other vices is now witnessing the partnership of relevant bodies and organizations such as the Exams ethics marshall for campaign against campus cult in schools,sex for grade and admissions as well as employment, Partnership with the MATCH MAKERS CONSULT the organizers of Nigeria Pitch Awards for Nationwide POCACOV Sporting competition/Taekwondo school children programme in liason with ministry of youth and sports and education in all states to help deepen the campaign.

There is partnership with The Salute Nigeria(FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER CAMPAIGN},Nigeria National league and Nigeria Nationwide leagueone of the Nigeria football federation and ofcourse Beyond the school walls initiative,Carmelite prisoners interest organization (CAPIO), various recognized anti cult group accross the country  amongst others.

Kudos should be given to the Enugu state Government for sponsorship of twenty five thousand pocacov moral guide book tagged Nigerian youth in cultism and other vices which is being distributed free of charge to schools and colleges and to be kept in libraries The police Campaign Against Cultism and other vices(POCACOV) is all about you and need your continous  support and partnership to deepen the awareness and consciousness  to save our youth from the claws of cultism and other vices and for a safe and secured society.

As the Inspector General of Police IGP Mohammed Abubakar Adamu moves to hold the National Launch and Deployment of Police campaign Against Cultism and other vices (POCACOV) in Abuja on March 12, 2020 to further deepen the campaign message and galvanize further support ,the media, Government Organizations, Corporate organizations, Non Governmental Bodies, Religious bodies, well meaning individuals are encouraged to join the police in this all important campaign to save our youth and make our environment more safer and secured.    

The time to act is now,POCACOV!!! It is all about You.


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