By Juwon Tunde

Siemens was involved and indicted in the famous messy bribery scandal.

Siemens CEO was declared wanted for evading interrogation and their officials were jailed for their involvement in the mess.

Siemens was fined N7 billion and they agreed to pay.

PMB is known to be totally against corruption.

Abba Kyari is PMB’s friend, a very loyal one.

PMB trusted him.

He was loyal to PMB.

So, we can assume that he is also on the same page in the anti corruption war.

So, how come the same INDICTED siemens is the one we are looking at to handle our Power sector? especially transmission.

How come PMB over looked Siemens scandalous precedence of corruption?

How come the MD of the Transmission Company was not involved in the trip to Germany to negotiate with Siemens?

Was it because he questioned the choice of Siemens due to their antecedents as claimed in some quatets?

Was he denied a place in the trip to negotiate because he refused to accept the choice of Siemens?

Was it a coincidence that the staff of TCN that was taken to Germany with Abba Kyari and the minister was made the MD of TCN?

Was the former MD of TCN who eradicated middle men and dubious politicians and contractors punished for standing against the old order of sleaze and madness?

May be we want to find out why and who pushed the patronage of Siemens down our throats?

Abba Kyari was loyal to his friend with a motive that is self serving in my opinion.

Late Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari painted others in bad light to become the only angel in the sight of his friend.
Why on earth will a president make everyone go through his COS, including his VP if there wasn’t something sinister.

Let us do a post mortem. The coming days will be interesting.
I said it before, revelations will spring up, we have just started.


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