Taekwondo Refs training kicks off in Abuja, KAC gets underway Oct 11


Taekwondo Refs training kicks off in AbujaKAC gets underway Oct 11

No fewer than 50 Taekwondo Referees will as from Monday, October 8 converged inside package B hall, inside Abuja National stadium for a three-day Referees course, organised by the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation (NTF).

Training exercise will be immediately followed by Korean Ambassador’s Championship (KAC).

An earlier statement issued in Abuja, NTF Secretary Kabir Yusuf disclosed that while Referees’ training hold between October 8 and 10, that of KAC will be stage as from October 11 and end 18th of same month.

The statement conveying a letter of official notification to all Stakeholders read partly, “We humbly remind you if the importance of the national ranked event, as only the top three ranked Athletes will earn automatic selections to national camps, as well as the importance of the national referee workshop, as only NTF sanctioned referees will be invited to officiate at the national sports festival and national events.”

The KAC which was postponed due to indefinite strike action that crippled most activities in Nigeria days back, would be a veritable ground for Nigeria International Taekwondo Open competition slated for next month.

KAC is currently the oldest surviving non-government sponsored Taekwondo in the country, dating back to 1980.



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