By Dr. Isaac Ayodele, DSc Public Health

After writing about the trouble with High Insulin Resistance last Monday, my inbox in the social media was flooded with numerous questions that diabetics and loved ones want to know. Let me devote this edition to answer some of the questions begging for answers.

One of the questions a lady from Kano asked is if type 2 diabetes is curable. My emphatic answer is yes. But, let me remind you that it is not a disease of high blood sugar level. It is a disease of high insulin resistance. You can therefore never get diabetes cured by forcing the blood sugar level to the normal range.

In the same vein, there is no way that insulin and more insulin; drugs and more drugs can cure the disease. At best, medication and insulin will attempt to lower the blood sugar level; that is all that it can do at the moment. It is only a matter of time that the effect of the drug and insulin will wear out. Once it wears out, more and more drugs would be required to give a little lease of life to the diabetic.

A diabetic in this situation is only waiting for the inevitable crash of its entire system, because with time the various organs may start getting rotten; yes, and all the organs can get rotten at about the same time. By the organs I refer to the kidney, liver, pancreas, brain, eyes and feet.

It can affect the nerves, the muscles, energy level, and the immune system. In addition, any kind of disease can set in, including cancer, obesity, potbelly, overweight, memory loss, infertility, erectile dysfunction and even more debilitating ailments.

The good news is that, this is not a disease that is meant to progress. Many people have confirmed and keep testifying that they have reversed the disease. I am one of them. A former president in Nigeria is also one of them.

They are everywhere at home and abroad telling everyone who cares to hear, including their physicians that “once I was diabetic, now I am no more diabetic. I see no more symptoms of diabetes, I am now full of energy and basking in the euphoria of full health and vitality.”

So, the reason the disease progresses is that the disease is not treated. If you treat the symptoms without treating the disease, the disease is bound to remain. The high insulin resistance would continue to increase. Your diabetes would become worse. This is the fundamental medical mistake and a prescription for disaster which just has to change.

Let the change begin with you. Your gene is not diabetic, and if it is, you can change your generation. Type 2 diabetes is simply a function of too much sugar and sugary products that you consume. It is a disease of too much sugar in the first instance, which results in too much insulin and other diabetic complications. Bridle your sugary lifestyle to start with, and see you on the other side of ex-diabetics. We will answer the next question, next week…

The road to being an ex-diabetic is not far. It is your choice that is complicated. Resolve to join the ex-diabetics movement now and save your life, live your destiny. Remember that without your health, you have nothing. What is the point of being the richest person in the cemetery? Make your diabetes reversal your top priority, and you will get there shortly.

I hope I have been of service to you. I appreciate you more than you can imagine.

You can call or send SMS or WhatsApp messages to me now on 08033335496 as I say welcome to a new healthy life

Respect and love from me to you all. Thanks.


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